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Update 0000-00-00

Update 0000-00-00

Update 2018-11-16

Washing machine broke down last night, picked up a replacement motor coupling this evening and it's back working again.

Update 2018-11-10

Tweaked the CSS, I'm happy with the results. I may do some additional editing.

Update 2018-11-10

Started updates to the site to make it mobile friendly

Update 2018-04-20

Just started a Django series, thinking about rebuilding the site in Django to see if I like it.

Update 2017-05-31

Figured I better get an update out before the end of the month.

The Headstart site is about wrapped up for the year. We'll have to wait and see what the next phase will be for them. I'd like to perform a complete site rewrite to clean up some of the code and make it more mobile friendly.

I'm looking for a new project, I was working on a site redesign for one of our friends but that's been put on the back burner, perhaps we'll re-visit that in the future.

The MissLou group has let their domain name lapse and the site is no longer live. I'm fixing to make some edits to the code and stand it back up under a freedns domain name as an example of my work.

Let me know if there's anything you need done!
Thanks - Nathan

Update 2017-05-02

Random update - I'm testing out Toggl to help track my time

Update 2017-03-29

Been working on the DE site lately, getting some web forms rolling and I've managed to get through HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and TwitterBootstrap. I'm starting the Wordpress portion tomorrow but it's crazy short so hopefully I can power through it to the PHP stuff on the other side.
I've identified some bad habits that I've picked up along the way and I'm working on cleaning those areas up.
The scary thing is, once I'm done with this course, I'll probably rewrite every site I currently maintain.

Update 2017-03-20

It's been well over a month since my last blog post.
I've been working quite a bit on the site, I've landed another distributor and additional detector lines.
We've been out detecting a bit as well, I need to post some pics from our recent hunts.
The "job board" at work has been cleaned up and I've handed it off to Chancy to add some mobile tweaks to it.
I attended a 2-day Cisco course with Harrison earlier this month and need to get back to CCNA training. I want to take the ICND1 test by the end of April.
I'm taking a web design course that has been awesome so far. I've blown through the HTML, CSS and Javascript portions and will be starting the JQuery portion this week.
I hope to provide updates here a bit more frequently. Thanks for reading!

Update 2017-02-15

Been crazy busy at work, lots o jobs in the queue.
Still I've made time to plug away at the job board. It's been migrated to a new server, we now have a notes table that is up and running so that we are keeping up with note history and not just the latest note.
I've made some changes to the login script and need to update the ones I have here and in production elsewhere, pesky legacy code will be the death of me.

Update 2017-02-09

After cleaning up my login script for the job board project, I decided to study a more modern approach and so I'm combing through the code on an interesting example we found online. I'm planning on completing the login in the morning followed by testing and then migrating the job board to a production server before I make additional changes to the database.

Update 2017-02-08

Went back to the manual on ool databases and read up on applying a foreign key to a table. Then I created a notes table in the job board db so that we can capture and archive job notes rather than how we're doing it now, which is we're only tracking the most recent now as it's overwriting the old now on update. Also, this will help in the design on the financials board once we've made it that far down the rabbit hole.

Update 2017-02-05

Got a little deep today into updating old MySQL code to new MySQLi code.
I managed to break the world in the process, but only for a while.

Update 2017-02-06

Got some cleanup done on the blog login script and migrated credentials of to a secure location. Now just need to tie all of the queries into the .ini file and update code notes. I'm going to have to spend a day pushing code to GitHub for anyone who wants it. It's either that or a "see the code" type page for each lab.

Update 2017-02-03

Spent some time last evening working on getting the test bed set up for the new project. I need to build a template folder for these things.
Started working on the form layout and function.
Also, I fixed the blog function, for this project, so that the blog posts related to the project show up in the project update field.

Update 2017-02-02

Just completed updating my schedule of web service fees and I thought it might be cool to build a web form that acts as a cost estimator for web services.

Update 2017-02-02

Good morning, just spending a few minutes testing creating an entry via my phone.
Everything looks good so far.
I've spent a good deal of time over the last few weeks working with MySQL and integrating it into a PHP web app. I transitioned the job board at work from excel to HTML. Now I've used the lessons learned there to create this.
The next step there is to protect it with a login and create admin and viewer levels. Time to hit the showers, have a good one!

Update 2017-02-01

Tweaking on the "entire blog" page and correcting some link issues.
Needed to add an additional update to ensure the query is grabbing everything.


Testing of the edit feature.


It's working!

Update 2017-02-01

So, I've gotten the blog entry data from mysql and it is now displaying onto the homepage.
I'm having to use break tags to manually insert breaks, but that's not the worst thing to need to do .
Next I'll need to build the edit feature.

Update 2017-02-01

Test post to see if breaks like this one here
survive formatting also here's another
without carriage return

Update 2017-01-31

OK, I have the login working and redirecting to the welcome page which is now the "blog entry" form. The "save and post" function is entering the form data into the MySQL DB and after hunting a typo for 20 minutes we appear to have good "notes" making it into the DB. I'm fixing to go to bed and will have to pick this back up tomorrow. So, tomorrow I'm going to get the front page of the site to pull the last 3 blog posts and display them in the same format that we're using now. Hopefully this will make keeping the blog up easier as I wont have to create a txt doc and edit each page that needs the update. Goodnight everyone!

Update 2016-09-29

Been working with OpenCart lately, performing some tests prior to setting up a store.

Update 2016-08-07

Survived another B-Day, and the internet is a bit laggy this afternoon.
I have a new project idea and I need to build a dump (repo) for updates that fall off of the main page.
The new project is going to be a site for identifying Civil War bullets. There were roughly 1000 different types of bullet manufactured for the war and no good way to identify what you have found. Thinking of using a mySql back end and a php webform.

Update 2016-08-03

It's been a while since I've posted an update. It's a busy time, we spent a week in Vegas last month. We got to visit with family, and visit the Grand Canyon. Since the return, We've gotten out and detected a new permission and saved many excellent relics. I have updated the background of the page and am thinking of making some changes to the color scheme. For some reason though, the tans and blues seem to work well together.

Update 2016-07-06

Started working on a login script Monday, completed working example this morning. Following the set up of the mysql db I worked with a couple of examples found on the web. Found some missing components and installed them. Everything is working now I just need to do some cleanup so that the form matches the site.
While thinking of where to point the login for my site I started thinking about where to point incorrect login attempts rather than the correct one. This led me to thinking about scripting a game where you have to use the username and password fields to correctly answer questions to unlock the next layer of the game.


Completed some cleanup so that the form matches the site.

Update 2016-06-29

Installed SSL Cert and converted site to https. Broke the slideshow on the sites page, currently researching fix.


Updated sites page slider and changed from http to http correcting the missing slideshow. Set auto updates for ssl cert.

Update 2016-06-28

Spent last evening rolling out the Input Fields Project into a production site. Everything tested good. Got an early start on server updates and a snapshot at 3:30 AM this morning. Now I just have to make it through the day.

Update 2016-06-25

New project kicked off, I'm building a web interface that will allow a user to update the contents of a dropdown box on a form. Link


It's been an hour or so and, Success! I have the the fields passing the vaules to a file that I am then calling to populate the select (dropdown) box! I may do some additional tweeking on this prior to putting it into production. I also want to put a login in place prior to using this style of form on a live site!

Update 2016-05-06

Over the last couple of evenings, I've:
  • Created Scope and Milestones for ipchanger project.
  • Updated about page to include Recent Updates column.
  • Set up email for Head Start.
  • Resolved Spam issue with form submittals.

Update 2016-05-04

Worked out some odds and ends over the last few evenings.
I have a better Idea for how I want the milestones to look on the page here. Will get some posted later today (hopefully).
Code is coming along nicely, Desktop Icon will launch Terminal and display your available network adaptors, and the program is rolling through to the point where we write the changes to a file. Would update more on the progress of this project but need to make myself do the "Scope and Milestones" part.
Logged into github and ran through the "Hello World" tutorial. So, the training wheels are firmly in place.
Now to leave this update and get back to work!

Update 2016-05-01

Worked on some code today, played with the netifaces library for python and have performed some tests on getting the script to pull adaptor information.
The plan is to launch via desktop icon, display installed adaptors, then prompt for the adaptor that the user wants to make an edit to.
Once the adaptor is chosen, the existing information will be displayed, then prompt the user to see if they still wish to edit the settings.
If the prompt is answered as "no" then the program will exit. If the prompt is answered as "yes", the user will get additional prompts to enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
The user will then be prompted to see if they wish to change the DNS settings and a display of the existing DNS server.
If the user answers "yes" they will be prompted for the new address(s), then the adaptor will be shutdown and restarted.
Then the program will poll the adaptor and display the IP address information.
I play on cleaning up the "milestones" listed here and creating a punch/progress list that will reside at the top of the page.
Once I have somehting that can be deemed working, even if it is rough, I'll get it up on github and have a link posted here.