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Build a command line tool to change the network address of a pc.


  • Launch script via desktop icon
  • Script will run in a terminal and close out when complete
  • Display available adaptors giving user the choice of which to edit
  • selecting an adaptor will display the existing settings for the chosen adaptor
  • Decision Tree for the setting of the adaptor as Static or Dynammic
  • Dynamic choice will result in the /etc/network/interfaces file being edited changing only the selected adaptor
  • Staic choice will request IP, Mask and Gateway info from the user
  • Sanity check will need to verify that string is in dotted decimal notation and that the four octets are between 0 and 255
  • Display of settings user will then be presented with a Decision Tree to verify these changes
  • "Yes" will write the changes to the /etc/network/interfaces file, "No" will exit the program.

Update 5/4/2016

Worked out some odds and ends over the last few evenings.
I have a better Idea for how I want the milestones to look on the page here. Will get some posted later today (hopefully).
Code is coming along nicely, Desktop Icon will launch Terminal and display your available network adaptors, and the program is rolling through to the point where we write the changes to a file. Would update more on the progress of this project but need to make myself do the "Scope and Milestones" part.
Logged into github and ran through the "Hello World" tutorial. So, the training wheels are firmly in place.
Now to leave this update and get back to work!

Update 5/1/2016

Worked on some code today, played with the netifaces library for python and have performed some tests on getting the script to pull adaptor information.
The plan is to launch via desktop icon, display installed adaptors, then prompt for the adaptor that the user wants to make an edit to.
Once the adaptor is chosen, the existing information will be displayed, then prompt the user to see if they still wish to edit the settings.
If the prompt is answered as "no" then the program will exit. If the prompt is answered as "yes", the user will get additional prompts to enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.
The user will then be prompted to see if they wish to change the DNS settings and a display of the existing DNS server.
If the user answers "yes" they will be prompted for the new address(s), then the adaptor will be shutdown and restarted.
Then the program will poll the adaptor and display the IP address information.
I play on cleaning up the "milestones" listed here and creating a punch/progress list that will reside at the top of the page.
Once I have somehting that can be deemed working, even if it is rough, I'll get it up on github and have a link posted here.

Nathan Berg