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I'd like to start off with a quick welcome to my site, and the nickel tour.

First; things you'll find here.
This is the "About Page" it should develop over time.
Here we'll have updates, info and recent finds.

The Sites page is for websites that I have designed or am currenlty maintaining/hosting.

Next is the Lab, at this time the lab is a bit sparse. The plan is to have projects and project ideas grown here.
Things should fall into a range of statuses (real word, I looked it up) from Wish List: something I want to try, to a work in progress, to completed projects.

The Links Page will be populated by sites that I find useful, or stuff I find cool and want to share and maybe a github link or two.

Lastly, the Contact page with my contact info, just in case you need to reach me.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around,

Recent Updates

Update 0000-00-00

Update 0000-00-00

Update 2018-11-16

Washing machine broke down last night, picked up a replacement motor coupling this evening and it's back working again.


Recent Digs

Stacey and I got out over the weekend and did a little metal detecting.